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Dec 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
to smartphones or the oil and gas markets domestically because of new technologies that allow them to get oil and gas out of stone. these were all secular changes that occurred during the last three years unimpeded by any form of washington intervention, washington, congress or the fed. most of the time people had to pay up toy bah these winning stocks, but every once in a while, what you get in on better prices and unfortunately, the market sales, similar to what you might have seen on black friday are much more like the sales we used to get at the old filene's basement in boston, filene's as we call it. these days many of you may not know much about filene's, but when i was a kid you could go to the basement and they would come in from the upstairs and get marked down from the full prices and those were the days when stores did carry things at full price. the first price cut was almost never the last. if merchandise didn't sell on day one the price was cut again on day two. that's right. you got another cut and then again on day three until it finally found -- >> buy, buy, buy! >> buys are.
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
into the fold of real growth technology. let him say as chairman. just like ibm and at&t, the endless buyback at high prices are doing nothing for cisco. the worst five performers are a motley crew of only exxonmobil is worth buying. but with new management that could change. unfortunately, i don't see any of those changes any time soon. can i go to clint in georgia, please? clint? >> caller: jim, i'm from atlanta, georgia. >> man, i watch a lot of sec football this week, and you have got it going down there. >> caller: it was exciting, wasn't it? >> it was a miraculous weekend. >> caller: my stock is rite aid and since the stock is up as already it is this year, where do you see it going from here, and do you think there is a possible buyout coming up? >> i don't think there is a buyout. i think you're doing this on earnings. i think rite aid has made a fantastic comeback with fantastic merchandising. it periodically gets ahead of itself. it jumped up to 6. it can pull back to 5.5. it remains one of my strongest buys. i like that whole industry, believe it or not. you can buy walgreens, cvs
Dec 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
, information technology outfits are increasingly going a la carte, something we saw with dream force, a celebration of everything that ibm is not. accused ibm as being irrelevant and not offering companies anything close to a bargain. heavy hardware, big iron, no thank you. meantime, ibm spends much of its free cash flow buying back stock. it's a giant cyclical company without any real growth at all. i have to tell you if warren buffett weren't in this stock, it would probably be dramatically lower. ibm's revenues have basically been flat for four years. and all that has really happened in that time is the company has shrunk its share account from $1.28 billion to $.89 billion. i see little reason to own this stock without an acquisition. and the more it goes into the cloud, the worse it can be for the whole company's margin. as for the other outright loser, caterpillar, it's all about management. boy, their equipment is the best in the world. the $7.6 billion equation of bucyrus, and then the purchase of the chinese mining company era for $650 million where cat almost immediately ha
Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
multiplier playing out right now. think of what's happening with gtls, the company with the best technology for transforming natural gas into something similar to gasoline. as ceo sam thomas told us the other night, all the better to build the hard to construct big boxes that encompass the transfer technology and put them on boats to put them overseas. the company can't get enough workers to make these. i know welding requires a particular skill set that may not be available in louisiana right now. it will take time, they will get there eventually. charts also making a device to build out natural gas station. and more important shell. yeah, shell's building them now. these stations cost between $1 million and $1.5 million. and these companies are building perhaps as many as 400 stations and the cost is going down. once that gets rolling, they'll get a reverberation as far as indiana where cummins is located because cummins is making truck engines that are perfect for long haul truckers. they've been waiting for these engines. don't forget about the pipe and train tracks that need to be laid
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
if they embrace new technology instead? imagine a company's future with the future of trading. company profile. a research tool on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade. where does the united states get most of its energy? is it africa? the middle east? canada? or the u.s.? the answer is... the u.s. ♪ most of america's energy comes from right here at home. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. yep. got all the cozies. [ grandma ] with new fedex one rate, i could fill a box and ship it for one flat rate. so i knit until it was full. you'd be crazy not to. is that nana? [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. >>> last year, right after hurricane sandy leveled large swaths of new york and new jersey, i thought i'd get clever. i saw generac was roaring in the wake of a storm that had knocked out power for millions of people. and then i noticed how briggs and straten the maker of portable generators had done next to nothing and i told you to buy that one in the case of a catch-up play. generac's up 55% year-to-date, briggs and straten down 4%. i g
Dec 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
from doing so, but it could happen soon. these investors might be drawn to technology, especially now that the personal computer class of tech seems to have bottomed. at least we can see that from microsoft, hewlett-packard and intel. and they might be interested in retail recognizing things can get better than they are right now. only because of the possibility of more jobs, therefore more disposable income, and sales numbers out there than the ones we get to see because they're with the big boxes typically and not the omni channels. the political types are citing the new health care regime as a reason to sell stocks. they might prove to be wrong. the large companies are precisely the ones that can navigate these new waters. smaller capitalization and smaller company rivals will fall by the wayside under this new health care system. that will soon be -- soon be logical to everyone. and it's seeing if the people in the white house had some business savvy, they, too, would've seen this coming. they didn't see it more than the website issues. so to sum up, the smell test does get vindic
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
about a company. candy technology. >> yes. >> caller: -- for the last one year. i want to know if it's good for long time holding. >> okay. i think that we have to stay away from that group with the exception is of buy-do and ali baba. which is why i still like yahoo! even up here. yes, i still like it. stop tweeting and asking me if i like it, i like it. vince in texas? >> caller: booyah to you. >> well, you've got to be better than vince young who was for the eagles. >> caller: absolutely. a question about canadian solar. i was wondering about the solar market right now with it being oversupplied. >> we're in solar, but we are in first solar. first solar broke out today. holy cow, we had management on last week. i think they're really terrific. let's not fool around with the canadian version. let's go with the first solar. first solar. what's white and red and heating up? o canada. you need to be in on the action. we need to see who makes the playoffs after the quarters. there's how we play them. don't move. so i c an reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry
Dec 7, 2013 4:00am EST
is some of the best pressure washer technology out there. it'll be under the briggs & stratton name. >> will salespeople be efficient enough to be able to explain the difference between the two? >> yeah, i think so. maybe it's a lot less about the people on the floor, but it's all about digital marketing and being on the web. when you look at where we're headed with a lot of this, it's the website, it's getting videos out on the website, videos out on youtube. and really, shoppers today, they do an awful lot of research on the web. we want to show it to them as they go out and do their research. >> wait a second. in other words, briggs & stratton's using facebook? twitter? or is it i go to your website or amazon? how does it work? >> well, now, when you look at it, we are using the things you talked about. we're using facebook, we used twitter, youtube, we have our own website. and so, yeah, it's all of the above. and we've spent more money the last few years with regards to websites and digital marketing and so we think that's going to pay off for us come springtime. >> and finally
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)